5 Healthy Habits for a Happier Life

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1. Start your day with a glass of lemon water

We lose water through our skin as we sleep, and you might be feeling extra tired in the morning due to dehydration. Instead of grabbing that coffee, start your day with a glass of lemon water. 

It's easy to forget to drink water, especially in the colder months. Water is important for our skin, digestion, energy levels and so much more!

TIP: Add a slice of dried lemon in a glass of water and throw it in the fridge the night before -- you'll wake up with a refreshing cup of lemon water to drink in the morning!

Bonus: If you are feeling extra motivated to do another healthy habit for yourself in the morning, take a step outside for some fresh air. Natural sunlight and fresh air early in the day can set you up in a positive mood and can help improve your sleep. 

2. Plan out your next day the night before


Have a never-ending to-do list? Feeling anxious about things you need to get done?

A good day starts the night before. We recommend spending ten minutes the night before writing down what your day will look like tomorrow. 

Do you have lingering thoughts as you are trying to fall asleep? A helpful practice is to leave a notebook and pen beside your bed. When you notice thoughts creeping up, dump them onto this notebook to clear your mind for bed. 

3. Move your body

Find ways to introduce movement into your life. Sometimes the hardest part of physical activity is getting started. 

Tips: Lay out your workout clothes the night before. Find an accountability partner. 

Start small and find activities that you enjoy. 

4. Connect with others

Life gets busy and it can be easy to forget to nourish the relationships that are important to us.

Take some time to reflect on your relationships and schedule in time to connect with those who lift you and give you energy (and maybe let go of those relationships that no longer serve you).


Don't be afraid to reconnect with people who you want to bring back into your life. 

Even if it's a 30 minutes phone call every two weeks, or a 10-minute walk together -- every moment counts! 

5. Do something you enjoy 

Write a list of things that make you happy and try doing one thing on that list every day. 

It could be reading a book, watching a youtube video, knitting, singing, dancing, hanging out with your cat, or putting on a face mask.

Take a break in your day to spend time immersed in something you truly enjoy.


What's your favourite healthy habit? Leave a comment below 😃



  • Yes I would love to see more posts like these. Anything to do with healthy living and mental exercises, receipes etc, would make my happy.
    Thank you,

    Lorraine Tutte
  • Water is my nemesis 😬 So I love the idea of throwing one of your dried lemons in a glass of water the night before. A good start to keeping the water train going all day long 🍋

  • These are awesome habits especially the tip about reconnecting with people! One of my fave habits is to find one thing that I was grateful during my day.

  • Thank you everyone for reading our first blog post! We appreciate the support!

    Linda from Lemonjarz
  • Great practical ideas and I especially like the reminder to connect with others.


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