Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many ways to use your lemon slices! If you are using it in your water, we recommend 1 slice for 250 - 500ml of water. 

Add to a hot cup of tea, a cocktail, a glass of sparkling water, or even plain water for a refreshing drink. Bake with them, add them to soup or stir fry recipes, decorate and make art with them, or grind them into a powder for dips, dressings, and yogurts; the possibilities are endless. They also serve as a great hostess gift!

We don't add any sugar, flavours, or preservatives. The only ingredient is lemon! You will never have to waste another lemon with Lemonjarz. Dried lemons do not need to be placed in a fridge like fresh lemons, which means it can last longer. Lemons also contain Vitamin C, an important nutrient for our immune system. 

Dried lemons have a shelf life of 2 years. For optimal quality, we recommend using the product within a year of opening. Dried fruits will last longer in a sealed mason jar compared to when stored in a bag or box, however, any natural product will oxidize and darken over time. Store in a cool, dry place, and always use dry, clean hands when taking the lemon slices out of the jar. 

Lemons shrink about 6-7 times their size after the dehydration process. As each lemon varies in size, the small jar has between 2-4 lemons, and the large jar has between 9-12 lemons. 

We make sure the following steps are completed prior to dehydrating lemons:
•    Each lemon is washed and inspected
•    Knives, cutting boards, and dehydrators get cleaned

Lemon slices are dehydrated for over 20 hours at a low temperature. After the dehydration process, we check to ensure each slice is completely dry before packaging. The dried lemon slices are then weighed accordingly and placed in sterile mason jars. All fruits are processed indoors with food safety and hand-washing protocols followed.

After the dried lemons re-hydrate in water for 5-10 minutes, they taste very similar to fresh lemons. 

All online orders are now using organic lemons! 🍋  No, we do not add sulphites in our products. Most store brought dried fruits add sulphites to retain colour and extend shelf life, however, it can cause adverse effects in sensitive individuals. Instead, we dehydrate at a really low temperature for over 25 hours to naturally retain colour. 

At this time, we only ship to Canada and the US. If you would like to see this product available in your country, email hello@lemonjarz.com to let us know!

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